Monday, 11 January 2010

Number 1

I've been thinking about starting this bastard for ages, so now I have. And for my first post, I will be making a socialist republic style 5-year plan:
1st year: 50 posts, 30 visits, 5 comments, endure final year with reasonable sanity
2nd year: 100 posts, 250 visits, 20 comments, graduate with options, find gainful employment
3rd year: 150 posts, 2000 visits, 80 comments, engender envy amongst acquaintances
4th year: 250 posts, 6000 visits, 200 comments, master the piano, publish in a journal
5th year: 250 posts, 15,000 visits, 800 comments, construct lair, cultivate genius.

And so I shall eventually be a good man, and look back wistfully upon this beginning...

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