Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The medicalisation of Mind

I stumbled accross this debate, concerning the expansion of psychological therapies in the U.K.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Number 2

About music, a constant source of solace.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I don't think whys is a real word, it looks like the name of a welsh village (I guess reasons would be the proper word, but it doesn't convey the same sense of having lots of questions, rather than answers/motives).
So for my early posts I will try and explain some of my whys; why I find things interesting and why they might interest you.
I think everyone wants to convey their interests, at least their acceptable ones, not truly bizzare fetishes. You secretly think your interests should interest everyone else, even if you might be tactful enough not to press them upon people. And as my interests are the foundation of this site, I figure I'll lay them out clearly to begin with.

Number 1: Science...

Monday, 11 January 2010

A story from the archives

Here is one I wrote earlier. Very rarely, usually in dead of night, I think of stories and try to write them. If you venture to read it I think you'll agree that it is not particularly entertaining, but at least not really badly written.

Number 1

I've been thinking about starting this bastard for ages, so now I have. And for my first post, I will be making a socialist republic style 5-year plan:
1st year: 50 posts, 30 visits, 5 comments, endure final year with reasonable sanity
2nd year: 100 posts, 250 visits, 20 comments, graduate with options, find gainful employment
3rd year: 150 posts, 2000 visits, 80 comments, engender envy amongst acquaintances
4th year: 250 posts, 6000 visits, 200 comments, master the piano, publish in a journal
5th year: 250 posts, 15,000 visits, 800 comments, construct lair, cultivate genius.

And so I shall eventually be a good man, and look back wistfully upon this beginning...